Architectural Lighting

 Architectural lighting works to serve and enhance the architecture, not merely as an accessory, to create a cohesive spatial experience. Architectural lighting is an intersection of art (architecture) and technology (lighting). The architecture being illuminated or lighted may be commercial or residential. 

1) Wall Lights 

  • TL-2706 LED Wall Light 



  • TL-2705 LED Wall Light 



  • TL-1357 LED Flood Light



2) Flood Lights 

  • TL-1338 LED Flood Light



ITC's other Architectural Lighting solutions include Corrugated Lights, Window Lights, Corner Lights, Strip Lights, Point Light Sources, Fountain Lights, Wall Washers, Underwater Lights, Underground Lights, Tunnel Lights, Street Lights, and UV Lights.

3) Places Installed  

  • Ningbo Binhai New District, China

Weekday mode: The main colour is 3000k warm light. The floodlights brighten the plants. The wall washers outline the bridge and the river banks on both sides. Let the natural scenery blend with the surrounding buildings, and then brighten the roof with red light on the right side, contrasting with the left side, which makes the whole street more layered and gives people a feeling of warmth and not impetuosity. 

Major festival mode: The colour is mainly cyan blue. The lake was speckled with the projection of fish. The contours of the lake and the wall washers form a combination of points, lines and faces, making the whole middle area more lively. The roofs on both sides are also washed with blue-washed wall lamps, and there is a feeling of ancient style, blue bricks and glazed tiles. The combination of modern business district and ancient style is like a landscape painting. The fish plays in the water, and the people swim in the painting!

  • Baitek Tower, Kuwait

Office building night scene lighting design case!

The window details of the building's façade are outlined with line lights on both sides of the building. The upper part of the middle area uses line lamps, while the lower part uses point light from dense to sparse. Combined with the horizontal segment dislocation design of luminaire, the whole middle area is as smooth and hierarchical as a waterfall. The top of the building is lighted by line lamps and wall wash lamps, adding a "crown" to the whole building. The whole design is simple and magnificent without too many fancy lights, so that the whole building looks smooth, noble, but also lively!

  • Pingxiang Financial Complex, China

The commercial integrated exterior façade renderings take sailing as the theme and draw inspiration from the natural picture of sailing out. It strives to present a dynamic sense of “sailing out”, so that the icy building presents a chic look at night, exudes both lively and elegant temperament, and attracts people's attention and closeness. The pixel line lamp is used to outline the shape of the sailboat. 

The wall washers light up the glass and the podium. The whole light elements are combined to form a dynamic picture of the sails on the blue sea against the waves. It reflects the theme of sailing and leads the entire building to a new journey.

  • Dalian Botanical Garden, China 

Landscape lighting design renderings of Dalian Botanical Garden.

The cool blue colour brightens the outline of the lake along the pedestrian path and blend in with the waterscape, making pedestrians stroll in a more artistic environment. In the vicinity of the landscape arch bridge, we use warm light to reflect the warmth and beauty of nature. In the place where people can't reach it, the cold colour floodlights are used to brighten the bottom of the arch bridge. And the quiet and beautiful reflection formed by the lake surface contrasts with the warm light around to restore the original tranquillity of the lake at night. The landscape lighting is not a lot of colourful lights, gorgeous lighting to create a cool effect. More importantly, it can be integrated into the environment, showing the most beautiful side of nature at night.

  • Abdul Hadi Building, Bahrain 

The lighting effect design pursues simplicity and magnificence. The design is inspired by the cobra. The curved edges on both sides are the key parts of this design. The wall washers and the spotlights are used to display the curve of whole arc. At the same time, this horizontal lighting technique is used to reflect the vertical curve, which can make the curve more layered, just like the scale stripes of the snake body, reflecting the feeling of agility.

At the top, the point light source and the wall washer are used to regularly illuminate the skyline. From a distance, it looks like a cobra straightens up and lean over your head waiting for prey, showing the momentum of the animal at the top of the food chain, giving a magnificent visual experience!

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