GEZE's Sliding Door Sensors, DPS Module and Key Switch

MechGen deals in all items and accessories related to GEZE's automatic sliding doors. 

1) GEZE GC 363

Combined detector for activating and protecting automatic sliding doors with ten different infrared light curtain configuration settings.

  • Radar movement detector with infrared light curtain and third presence detector
  • Reliable detection up to an installation height of 3500 mm.
  • Ten adjustable light curtain configurations without additional light prisms
  • Fewer total sensors are required due to the large detection area on the floor
  • Movement direction detection and cross-traffic fade-out help save energy
  • All settings can be changed via remote control
  • Reduced installation work needed due to the combination of activation and protection in a single device

2) GEZE GC 304

Radar movement detector with individual adjustment option for activating automatic doors.

  • Individual settings for challenging environmental conditions
  • Configuration possible via push buttons or remote control
  • Clearly defined radar field (narrow or wide field) with reliable detection
  • Integrated motion tracking also records slow movements
  • Movement direction detection and cross-traffic fade-out reduces energy consumption in the building
  • Door opening impulse only triggered if needed

3) GEZE DPS Module 

Display programme switch for setting the mode of operation for automatic doors.

  • Unwanted mode of operation changes on escape and rescue route doors can be avoided via number code
  • Display programme switches are also available with key switches
  • 7-segment display shows mode of operations, maintenance info, and error display

4) GEZE MPS Key Switch 

Mechanical programme switch for setting the mode of operation for automatic doors.

  • Available with rotary button or key

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