19 Oct

RGM Digital has just released their latest product, IP Artificial Intelligence cameras.

RGM Digital's new IP A.I Cameras run at 1080p resolution with the ability to detect and recognize up to 30,000 faces per camera.  The features on these new cameras include face capture, face compare and flow statistics.  

1) Face capture: When targets appear on the screen, the A.I software will lock multiple targets simultaneously. When a target leaves the screen, the A.I software will show the picture and information of the target, the image information is updated dynamically.  

2) Face compare: when the target appears on screen the A.I software will compare the target to the library and show the information of a successful match.  

3) Flow statistics: When the target appears on the screen the A.I software will recognize the target, and when the target leaves the screen, the A.I software will show information of the target and make a record of the time that the target was on screen. Watch a short demonstration of what these cameras are capable of in the video below. 

As always, RGM Digital is on the cutting edge of technological innovation and providing High Quality CCTV Solutions. For information on RGM Digital's IP A.I cameras and their other products, visit www.rgm-digital.com.

 Watch a demonstration of what the these new cameras are capable of below. 

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