Automatic Sliding Doors Maintenance (AMC)

Automatic sliding doors are one of the most used types of doors in the UAE, as they make buildings infinitely more accessible, customer-friendly and can dramatically cut down on operating costs. Thus, routine maintenance services are essential if a client wants their automatic doors to function at their best.

Routine maintenance will prevent future problems with automatic sliding doors and allow for the client to find existing problems before they get worse. Due to the critical role that these types of doors fulfil in diverse commercial and non-commercial areas, their routine maintenance with a reliable contractor can make significant impact in emergency situations where rectification is needed as soon as possible.

  MechGen provides automatic sliding door and gate annual maintenance services for a variety of different properties across Dubai ranging from residential buildings, malls, and villas.  

For any further information on the range of services that we provide for automatic sliding doors and gates, contact us at or call 04 2659501 or 050 3426042.