Instek Digital's Open Platform NVR & VMS


Product Description:

Instek Digital™- Command Center is a high performance enterprise real-time video management software.  It offers the most comprehensive video search tools available in the market. It supports up to three monitors for extensive camera monitoring and has been integrated with third-party application, which makes one of the most complete video management software in the industry.

Key Features:

Supports up to three monitors.

Clear device tree. 

Live and playback view.

Powerful alarm and event features.

Configurable camera pattern and tour

Support for PTZ-cameras

Argus View: search video by thumbnails

Interactive map with camera and alarm location

Video popup on map and for alarms 

Multiple authentication on levels of user operations 

Audit trail for user behavior

Synchronized playback

Key Benefits:

Live vs playback

Instek Digital™ Command Center provides 68 player within a window for live as well as playback simultaneous view. The video streams support H.265 for bandwidth optimization and clear footage quality.

Quick search

Instek Digital™- Command Center is designed with a clear device tree to quickly access an NVR or camera. This enables searching NVRs, cameras and/or videos without wasting time. Cameras can easily be searched by name, numeric order and it is also possible to search by device and/or location.

Audit trail

To estimate critical situation, video is more valuable than only location data. The Tag can be configured in order to trigger an NVR to record videos of cameras which are near the target Tag. Simultaneously Instek Digital™ VMS Command Center will show a video pop-up with the object and/or person with the Tag. Security managers immediately have visualization of the situation and can decide whether action should be taken.

Argus View 

To quickly find a required event within a video time-frame, Instek Digital™ Argus View is a sophisticated tool to search videos. The video is displayed as 12 individual snapshots and the time-frame can be altered by zooming in and out.

Always on guard

When an event occurs, Instek Digital™ Command Center triggers an alarm and a video pop-up can be configured. The video pop-up can be displayed in different layouts and duration time. Alarms can also be exported and viewed in MS Excel.  

Geographically exploration 

To follow an object/person, Smart Trace is designed with a 3x3 layout with 9 corresponding cameras on a map. As soon as the object/person shifts, the cameras will automatically follow. Smart Trace combines video and map in one functionality.

All at a glance 

Instek Digital™ Command Center allows users to view 9 recorded video-streams simultaneously. These can from one recorder or multiple recorders. This can be benificial when recordered events , originate from different cameras and/or recorders.
Intelligent video analytics Besides viewing video, Instek Digital™ Command Center offers an algorithm to analyse video based on motion, intrusion, crowd density and left object. As soon Command Center detects these events, an alarm will be released.

Instek Digital™ Command Center provides two ways of archiving; local and scheduled. Archive important video-data on the NVR manually or schedule, so archiving takes place at the configured time.

Protect critical videos 

To prevent video tampering and corrupte implementation of a third party, Command Center enables video to be embedded with a watermark. The watermark can be a text, image or picture.

Easily locate cameras 

To exactly locate any camera or DI/DO module, Command Center e-map, show any camera and/or DI/DO module as an icon. To click on this icon, live view will be immediately available. Maps can also be configured for multiple-level buildings and with links, each floor can be easily viewed. This enables for acting quickly of trouble areas.
Synchronized playback 

Reviewing an event on details is more effective, if it can be done from different angels. Synchronized playback combines 9 videos and keep them together, which gives security managers a clear overview of the event.
Smart Trace Instek Digital™ 

Smart Trace easily trace an person or object. In case of an suspicious event, click on the camera on the map and a 3x3 layout will be displayed. The center player displays the tracked person/object and as soon it shifts to one of the surrounding players, this player will change to the center. This makes it easy to follow a person/object with visual evidence.
Complete view 

To have a full surround view of an area, fish-eye cameras are the solution. Command Center supports fish-eye cameras, which enables panoramic and regional view. Additionally the dewarp operation is executed in two ways, client dewarp, done by Command Center and edge dewarp, supported by the camera. View the complete area with every detail utilizing Command Center.

To quickly recall recorded videos, videos can be bookmarked. These can be named and provided with description and can be easily be found by these tags.

1. The VMS Command and Control system supports 40+ brands of IP camera. No manipulation of particular brand of cameras. 

2. Video is protected by hardware & software base redundant Failover Server.

3. Scalable system for future expansion. 

4. The VMS Command & Control system supports unlimited number of Cameras and Monitors. 

5. Ultimate performance in NVR Video streaming at 800 MB/s. 

6. Open platform VMS, No License required for number of devices/cameras connected, even if there is an obligation of additional devices/cameras. 

7. The playback, record and live streams offers outstanding performance as regards any competitors. 

8. Warranty offered is 3 years, extendable to 5 years if AMC contract is awarded to installer for the same time period. 

This system fulfills all of SIRA’s requirements and offers a more economical solution compared to other VMS systems in the market. 

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