SIRA's Preventative Systems Law (2020 Update)

The law applies to all commercial buildings such as Hotels (1 to 5 stars), Hotel Apartments, Shopping Centers, Recreational Parks, Financial and Monetary Institutions, Manufactures and Sales of Precious Stones, Cinemas, Workers' housing, Warehouses, Art Galleries, Gas Stations, etc.  

As per this new law: 

1) All Analog and IP cameras in these buildings cannot have a resolution below Full HD 1080p. 
2) All CCTV cameras in the property should be at least 2 Megapixels. 
3) All buildings must have their video surveillance systems must be remotely connected via a VideoGuard, which is approved by SIRA. 
4) All 3, 4 and 5 star hotels, luxury hotel apartments and all shopping malls must have a full IP CCTV System by 2021.  

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To download the complete law, click on the following link: SIRA Preventative Systems Law 2020..